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DOT Supervisor 60/60 Online Training Course and Video

Note: Owner Operators who do not supervise other truck drivers DO NOT need to take this course. So if you are an owner operator with one tractor and you are the only driver you do not need to take this course. BUT READ THIS OWNER OPERATORS:  Owner-operators are not subject to DOT supervisor training. However, you are still required to register with a consortium for DOT drug and alcohol testing. The above is from FMCSA, here is the full link: There are two regulation you have to know about: 49 CFR 382.603 - Training for  supervisors and 49 CFR 382.307 - Reasonable suspicion testing Ok what should you do if you supervise other employees who perform safety sensitive functions. The first place to check out dot supervisor training video   - These folks have a great on line course and video to make you comply with the 60/60 minutes training required. H